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Fiesta On Eighteenth

Standing Up to Your Standards

Established in 1977, Fiesta On Eighteenth is a locally owned and operated supplement and specialty food store in Monroe, LA. Whether you are looking for fresh, organic, and whole foods, body care products, nutritional products, or health information, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Us

Since our inception, we have grown from a 1500 sq ft store to a 6000 sq foot store at our new location. We specialize in unique, high-quality offerings that are not available anywhere else in the local area. We have a specialty coffee shop, Dreux Coffee, and juice/acai bar, GoodEarth, onsite.

Excellent Customer Service

With our commitment to value in every service, knowledge, and dedicated team, we strive to offer exceptional customer service. We maintain the top standards in our products and services so that you are always confident about your purchase.