Fiesta On Eighteenth

Nothing but the Best

GoodEarth, a subsidiary of Fiesta On Eighteenth, is a juice/acai bar, where you can find a range of healthy, organic options from acai bowls, smoothies, protein shakes, juices to organic lunches and baked goods. There is the perfect option for everyone that wants to pick up some organic goodness.

Prepped Fresh

If you are thinking of starting good eating habits or gaining extra muscle, we have all the right foods for you. We bring the healthiest source of all organic products that are prepared fresh in our store so that you get all the nutrients and achieve your health goals.

Our Commitment

Our team is all about helping you be the best of yourself. We are committed to excellence and are always looking for the freshest items to offer on our menu. Our entire collection is priced reasonably to make them accessible for our customers in Monroe, LA.